Friday, 3 January 2014

more ole stuff

Tube o' mould (Total Vermin)

"...They have made this amazing recording though, released on Total Vermin as #74 and it is pretty much like being in the belly of a giant buzzing fly with an Indonesian percussion orchestra practicing inside of a sheet metal building that the fly is circling around in trying to figure out what to do next. Its not about escape, its not panicked, really. Maybe its about roller derby, it kind of has that vibe too. I have no idea what these instruments are but there are some electronic sounds, and I think some sticks. After a certain point its like Albert Ayler comes on by for a visit and they tie him up in the kitchen. Breakfast music." - Jorge

some old Hockyfrilla stuff

Spirit and Spector (Chocolate Monk)

Hockyfrilla - Spirit and Spector

“Some archival recordings from this annoyingly reclusive duo from Edinburgh. You may well know Rhian (aka CKDH) from doing time in Giant Tank, jamming with Kuupuu, looking fierce in The Barbarians, and she was recently seen performing as part of Smegma at the Smell in LA. Dora Doll was a founding numbnut of Prick Decay/Decaer Pinga, has performed in Smell & Quim and terrorized many a young man at 'noise' shows in her time. “Spirit & Spector” is a miasma of electrical smoke, the sound of wheezing subterranean light bulbs & a bucket load of mechanical schlub worms all wrapped up in the collapsing essence of muscled women. It all sounds broken to me, but hey you don't need no opulence, pauper.” – Dylan Nyoukis.

Vulpes Vulpes

Hockyfrilla - Vulpes Vulpes

'Murky electro-paralysis that moves in slow-spooling codes of ugh through barely-illuminated landscapes of blood, mud and aggressively formulated minimalism.' - Volcanic Tongue 

'Hockyfrilla makes some amazing continuous sounds and noises. Lots of plastic toys are mixed in free interplay with percussive wooden objects from non-western cultures. Perhaps this is Inuit technology at work here. There is certainly a machine like quality to some of the rolling continuities found in the temporal abyss of Hockyfrilla. This is also very well expressed on the disk Vulpes Vulpes...
'This disk is really really good, especially if you like mind melting washes of harmonic feedback and tape echo-esque friction.' - Jorge

I have to admit to a great ignorance for much of what happens in Brighton ... The scrape of Mr Nyoukis’s work has been there in the background seeping its way into the grey matter almost by osmosis but as for hard matter then no, none. At least now I have these two to go on. Hockyfrilla being Nyouki’s sister Dora Doll ably abetted by sole other female companion Rhian. A female duo then and how short are we of them? The more females inhabiting the male dominated experimental, noise drone arena the happier I am. Thus I am now in a state of half lidded, all knowing bliss having bathed the ears first in the twenty minutes or so of Vulpes Vulpes and then Feld Mose.

Catching up is never a chore and discovering that Dora Doll and Rhian make a kind of dying equipment, all falling apart, scuzzy, no-fi drone in which everything disintegrates into its constituent parts [at least on here it does] fills me the kind of joy equalled to that of discovering that your digs in Brighton has a quirky Belgian restaurant across the road that sells Bruges Zot. Three tracks and twenty minutes that scour the drone landscape with an array of dry joints, feedback, rustling and general murkiness all of which produces some kind of altered consciousness in those od-ing on Sussex ale. It must be the pebble beaches or the genial atmosphere that contributes to it all but I’m a fan. - Idwal Fisher

Cerebral Odyssey IV (Giant Tank)

Hockyfrilla - Cerebral Odyssey IV

The Polly Shang Kuan Band / Hockyfrilla  (Sickhead Tapes)

 The Polly Shang Kuan Band / Hockyfrilla - The Polly Shang Kuan Band / Hockyfrilla

Broken Brain (V/A, Chocolate Monk)

Various Artists - Broken Brain

Hockyfrilla / Deepkiss 720 (Archivo De Sangre De Dios)

Hockyfrilla / Deepkiss 720 - Split

some ole ckdh stuff

 Yr Putrid Eyeballs (Poot Records)






Summer Trance (Total Vermin)

CK Dexter Haven - Summer Trance

'Its called ckdh “summer trance” and is also released by the ubiquitous Total Vermin (this time, number  47).  This is totally my cup of tea.  Strong, black, with insects in it.  The second side begins with scratching and a feedback Larson-squalk that makes me think of Hockyfrilla, thats why I thought it might be the same' - Jorge

'This is Hockyfrilla and Barbarians' Rhian Thompson's summer album. That being the case, I can only assume that her aestival activities consist of whiting out and falling into paranoid, delusional sleep under bushes in the ornamental gardens of power stations. Insectoid-acoustic scrape and scratch and a dissonant cloud of generator drone unsettle and disturb. The more I listen, the surer I am that it is her best work so far, and imbued with a certain beauty... but not the kind that I'd ever like to look at.' - Total Vermin

Feld Mose

CK Dexter Haven - Feld Mose

'..delivering up waves of shingle shimmer, sine wave float and hard beans slowly rolling around a large drum. The longest track on here, the opener, dissolves into silence for the best part of five minutes only to emerge on the second track in the kind of high pitched whistles that bemuse dogs. For the most part, the rest of Feld Mose consists of barely heard sine waves in to which the mandible chatter of insects is folded, factory hum and the drilling of sensitive teeth. It’s a winning combination.' - Idwal Fisher

The Y BEND/CK Dexter Haven/Usurper - Live Cuts

Servants of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls Volume III (V/A Total Vermin)

Various Artists - Servants of Culture, Drinkers of Pearls Volume III

Part Wild Horses Mane on Both Sides with ckdh (Split with Fria Konstellation, Rayon Recs)

The Speech Organs (V/A Unverified)

Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away (V/A Pjorn)

Various Artists - Doing the Right Thing Takes the Emptiness Away

Usurper vs. CK Dexter Haven - War in Miniature